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house for sale at Kalobe, Mbeya/Nyumba inauzwa Kalobe,Mbeya

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Nyumba inauzwa maeneo ya Kalobe,Mbeya. Nyumba hii ina vyumba vitatu vya kulala, sebule, chumba cha chakula, jiko ni self contained house. 
Ni nyumba nzuri, iliyokamilika kwa asilimia 99.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Have a good Month 2018/ Muwe na mwezi mwema wa 6 2018

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Ni nusu mwaka sasa!!! Tunakushukuru Mungu kwa uzima uliotupa na afya njema uliyotujalia!!! Tunaomba uendelee kubariki, na kujalia familia zetu, tuepusha na maradhi mbalimbali. Bila wewe hatuwezi.

Ni mwezi wa kujitathmini, kimaisha, kibiashara, kikazi, kifamilia, na  tumefanya nini katika miezi mitano iliyopita, kama kukosea,  tumekosea wapi  ili tuweze kujisahihisha. Niwatakie mwezi wa sita uwe na neema, heri, na fanaka kwetu sote!!!!!

Yard for sale Mbeya town/Yadi inauzwa Mbeya mjini

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Yard yenye ukubwa wa sq 7000 ina uzwa maeneo ya Soweto Mbeya Tshs. 500m, mazungumzo yapo.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Have you ever think about cleaning your body, in and out holes??/Je umewahi fikiria njia sahihi za kusafisha mwili wako??/

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Ni muhimu sana kusafisha viungo vyetu vya mwili, kutokana na sababu mbalimbali, kama vile vyakula tunavyokula, mafuta tunayotumia, hewa tunayovuta, na sababu nyingine nyingi. 

Viungo ninavyozungumzia ni: 
6.Sehemu za siri

Vinegar, na baking soda, ni nzuri sana katika kusafisha viungo vyetu vya mwili, mchanganyiko huu unaondoa harufu mbaya mwilini, kama vile sehemu za siri, kwapa, na mdomoni.

Kwa wale wanawake wanaotoa harufu sehemu za siri, ni vyema kutumia mchanganyiko huu. Pia na wale wanaotoa harufu mbaya kwapani, nao ni vizuri wakatumia mchanganyiko huu. 

Upande wa macho: waweza tumia eye bright- ambayo itasafisha macho kwa kuondoa uchafu uliopo machoni, itakufanya uanze kuona vyema.

Upande wa pua: Waweza kutumia dawa za wa masai ili uweze kupiga chafya, au mdaula. Hii itasaidia kuzibua pua, na system ya upumuaji wa mwili wako.

Masikio: Waweza kutumia, baking soda, na vinegar, tumia pamba.

Kucha:Tumia baking soda na vinegar, au chumvi

Ngozi: Tumia dawa ya mswaki, vinegar, baking powder, mafuta ya mzaituni, paka kidogo ili kuona kama itakuwasha au la!

Mdomo: Tumia kwa kusukutua baking soda na vinegar, hii itaboresha meno yako, na kuondoa harufu mbaya mwilini.

Kwapa: Tumia mchanganyiko wa baking soda na vinegar.

Matokeo utayapata baada ya siku mbili. Ni vizuri kutumia asubuhi na jioni.  

Niwatakie kila la heri katika kusafisha viungo vyetu!!

Do you know that stress may kill you??/ Je wajua kama msongo wa mawazo waweza kuondoa uhai wako?

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Stress Could Literally Kill You, Here's The Reason Why Anna Chui Anna is a communication expert and a life enthusiast. Full Bio We’re all stressful at some time – stressed at work, stressed when facing exams, stressed when experiencing life difficulties. Why does stress seem to be killing us when we’re experiencing it? This video can explain it to you. 

“The body doesn’t distinguish between physical and psychological threats. When you’re stressed over a busy schedule, an argument with a friend, a traffic jam, or a mountain of bills, your body reacts just as strongly as if you were facing a life-or-death situation. If you have a lot of responsibilities and worries, your emergency stress response may be “on” most of the time. 

The more your body’s stress system is activated, the harder it is to shut off. Long-term exposure to stress can lead to serious health problems. 

Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. It can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to infertility, and speed up the aging process. Long-term stress can even rewire the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.”

10 Ways to Change the Way You Deal With Stress Asli Omur Asli Omur is a journalist and writer living in San Francisco, where she engages in sweaty uphill walking, dog-whispering, picture-taking and curious discoveries, among-st much else. Full Bio The way we deal with stress is often learned. We saw our parents handle disappointment, financial woes or crisis in a particular way and our young minds soaked it up. 

Even as adults, we take note on how to react when we see our boss or mentor behave in a certain way. It gets comfortable and familiar to approach stress the same way every time. Stress will always exist, and it won’t always defeat us. In fact, scientists have proven there are some benefits to a healthy dosage of stress. It’s how we deal with stress that will make or break us. 

Here are 10 ways to change the way you deal with stress.
1. Don’t just react to your stress, but take a moment to authentically respond to it
Some stressful events in life can trigger you to react without much thought, or simply react out of fear or confusion. In these stressful times, our fight or flight response gets activated. To authentically respond to stress, you need to check in with how you are feeling, what is cropping up for you, and how you can manage this new stress in your life. 

Sometimes our reaction only increases the stress and we get stuck in a reactive loop, filled with negativity and self-abuse. We may not be able to control the situation, but we can develop control of ourselves and change the way we deal with stress. You don’t need to hurl insults, go on a cursing tirade or throw things and have an all out temper tantrum when stress appears, but you can state what you think and feel. 

The way you choose to authentically respond may change according to your surroundings, whether in the workplace, with your spouse or children, or other family members, or casual friends. Remember that hurting others in the process is not an effective way to heal yourself.

2. Step back and see the wholeness of the issue at hand, not just the particulars
It’s easy to get caught up in some parts of your stress, but this won’t help you change the way you deal with stress. You will keep running into a wall, as you learn that you can’t change others or things out of your reach. It is in these moments that you can lend your focus to the positive. See the situation in its entirety, and evaluate what the end result could be and how you can maintain that open, welcoming perspective. 

3. Learn to accept change and understand stress. 
 When you truly accept that things won’t always go as planned, and that stress exists, and will always exist, you will start reformulating the way you think about stress. Its power won’t be so invasive and debilitating. 

Good stress can be a motivator; it can challenge your long held behavioral patterns and encourage you to approach your issues with strength and vigor. Bad stress, on the other hand, can mess with your sleep, your mental health and overall physical well-being. 
According to this University of Wisconsin-Madison study on stress, those with persistent negative stress had a 43% increase in chance of death. Stress can be a serial killer and will take no prisoners, if you let it.

Don’t be a victim of your stress. Remaining immobilized and stagnant in the fear that your stressful situation has caused is not a way of accepting that stress exists. It is important to be aware of stress, differentiate good stress from bad stress and embrace change so that you can better deal with stress when you encounter it.

4. Create a mindful revolution in your own life
Practicing yoga, exercising, playing a favorite sport, eating a nourishing meal, attending a religious ceremony, chanting, meditating, paying attention to your breathing, reading a beloved book, writing your thoughts in a journal, listening to calming music, painting, and finding a quiet, safe, cozy place to relax are all ways of creating mindfulness. 

Mindfulness will change the way you deal with stress. Imagining your life without nagging stressors is another powerful way of refocusing yourself. Be mindful of how you are reacting to stress. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is a trusted method in learning more about ways of coping with stress and chronic illness. 
The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California-San Francisco offers a weekly guided course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester also offers a MBSR study group for stress management. 

There are MBSR courses all over the world, offered both online, one-on-one or in groups. You can find one that suits you best here. If you prefer to do some therapeutic work on your own, try the Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook. 

5. Acknowledge your past behaviors towards stress and bid them adieu!
Albert Einstein is quoted as once wisely saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Just because you once had a coping mechanism that seemed to work does not mean it was a healthy or successful choice. And it does not have to continue. You can change the way you deal with stress. There is no set way of reacting to a stressful situation. You didn’t sign a contract and even if you did, this is the time to renegotiate it. 

6. Don’t rely on drugs and alcohol to make all your stress go away. 
It won’t. There are more beneficial ways of managing stress. Drugs and alcohol might only complicate things. Bad trips, hangovers, disorderly conduct landing you in jail, getting pulled over and ticketed by police for drunk driving or altercations will only add to your stress and worries. 

Even if you feel great when you first start, you’ll soon understand why there is no masking a wound without cleaning it first. Caffeine, food, sex, cigarettes and prescription medications can also be abused and will not provide positive lasting effects in your effort to change the way you deal with stress. They will only add to your pain and frustration and create another point of stress. 

7. Be careful that you don’t engage in stonewalling or outright avoidance when dealing with your stress
Some may find stonewalling, escaping, outright avoidance or passive-aggression the most protective method in dealing with stressors or pressing matters. Perhaps stress can be so overwhelming that it feels safer to pretend like there is no problem or ignore your own feelings.
It may seem appealing to do so, at times, because you think “out of sight, out of mind,” but in reality, you are only injuring your connection with others, yourself and delaying resolve, not for time to reflect but simply with the hope that everything will just go away. You won’t find any change in the way you deal with stress by these actions. 

8.Don’t brush underlying issues under the rug. Ignoring the source of your stress won’t help alleviate anything. You will still awake to the same issues. The longer you evade responsibility or another pressing matter the longer you postpone your happiness and health. 

Brushing stress under the rug may sometimes be tempting if you view your stress as a weakness or not in line with what is supposed to happen in your life. This is the time to change the way you deal with stress, and have an honest look at your choices and lifestyle. 

9. Make a list of goals that allow you to chip away at stress without chipping away at your self-esteem
Writing down a list of things you can do or need help with will help you change the way you deal with stress. You can refer to the list throughout your day or week to stay on track. Completing goals will be good for your self-esteem.
 Try not to fall into negative self-talk, even if you don’t get everything done at once. It is important that you re frame the way you speak to yourself to effectively change the way you deal with stress. 

10. Accept help from family and friends, or a trusted source for counseling or therapy
You are not the only person to ever falter in your goals, and you won’t be the last. In our failure, we sometimes learn more about ourselves than when everything is going along swimmingly. Stressful times are not easy to carry alone, and it’s okay to ask for help. If you need another person to have a look at your project, or get a second opinion, or if you need to brainstorm a new plan of action, do so. 
You can seek out friends or family members that you get along with or find a therapist that can offer you a discreet, safe place to air your grievances or reflect on your choices, attitudes, or beliefs and in turn can provide you with professional feedback, clarity and encouragement. 
Taking the time to build your personal support system, outside of your work life or educational pursuits, is very important in changing the way you deal with stress.

Dear friends, i have decided to share with you this article due to phone calls, i have been receiving, complaining about life.

Many people has big heart, or heart problem because of stresses of life. Please find the way that can help you to reduce or fining your stresses. I agree 100% that stresses kills a lot of people!!! So watch out my dear, we need and love you so much, don't allow stresses in your life !!!

Tusiruhusu misongo ya mawazo ambayo haina faida katika maisha yetu, maisha yapo tu, tupo duniani kuishi, na si kupambana na maisha!!!!!!!!!!! Kuna jamaa ana miaka miwili, yupo ndani anaumwa ugonjwa wa moyo, moyo wake umetanuka baada ya kupata changamoto mfululizo za maisha!!!

Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know the health benefits for listening the music??/ Je wazijua faida za kiafya usikilizapo muzik??

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Do you know the health benefits for listening the music??/ Je wazijua faida za kiafya usikilizapo music??

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Kusikiliza music kuna faida kubwa sana, kwa afya zetu. Musiki unaliwaza, unaburudisha, muziki unafurahisha, muziki unaondoa msongo wa mawazo, usikilizapo muziki, endapo una umwa, 
unapata afueni haraka!!! 
 Nimeupenda saana huu wimbo, nimeona heri tuburudike sote. When you are sitting on the floor or sleeping on your bed, your heart sings a slow song. Can you feel your heart right now? Is the beat fast or slow?

Plot for sale at Uzunguni Mbeya/Kiwanja kinauzwa Uzunguni Mbeya

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Kiwanja kinauzwa Uzunguni,Mbeya, ni nusu eka, bei yake ni Tshs. 160m.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Plots for sale at Iwambi, block H,Mbeya/Viwanja vinauzwa Iwambi block H,Mbeya

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Kiwanja kinauzwa maeneo ya Iwambi block H,Mbeya. Bei yake ni Tshs. 4m, sq 700, mazungumzo yapo.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Nyumba inauzwa Forest mpya/House for sale at New forest,Mbeya

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Nyumba inauzwa maeneo ya forest mpya, ina eneo kubwa, ina vyumba vitatu vya kulala, sebule kubwa, jiko na choo cha ndani. 

 Bei yake ni Tshs. 35m, mazungumzo yapo.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Kiwanja kinauzwa Ituha, Mbeya/Plot for sale at Ituha,Mbeya

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Kiwanja kinauzwa maeneo ya Ituha,Mbeya. Bei yake ni Tshs. 4m, sq 600, mazungumzo yapo.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Viwanja vinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya/Plots for sale at Iwambi,Mbeya

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Kiwanja kinauzwa maeneo ya Iwambi, baada ya kuvuka reli, bei yake ni Tshs. 6m, sq 700, mazungumzo yapo. 

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Plots for sale at Iwambi opp st marcus primary school,mbeya/Viwanja vinauzwa Iwambi, vinatazamana na shule ya st marcus,Mbeya

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Viwanja vinauzwa maeneo ya Iwambi,Mbeya. Vinatazamana na shule ya st marcus, bei yake ni Tshs. 6m, sq 750, mazungumzo yapo. Ni eneo zuri lililo tambarare.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Do you know that ACV can heal your diseases??/ Try it today. Je wajua kuwa ACV inaweza tibu maradhi yako?? Jaribu leo.

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Watanzania tuwe na utaratibu wa kutumia siki/Apple cider vinegar, katika vyakula vyetu, kwani ni kinga na tiba tosha ya magonjwa mengi!!!

Apple cider vinegar, ina uwezo mkubwa wa kuweka uwiano sawa wa maji, acid, na alkaline mwilini mwako, pia kuweka uwiano sawa wa body PH. Maji, alkaline, na acid, vitu vyote ni vya muhimu katika mwili wa binadamu, endapo kimoja wapo kitazidi au kupungua ni tatizo na mwanzo wa maradhi mbalimbali.

Nina pata simu nyingi za watu wanaotaka kupunguza uzito kwa kutumia ACV, kiukweli formula ya ACV inachukua muda mrefu kupunguza uzito wa mwili wako. Ni lazima uchanganye na vitu vingine vyenye uwezo wa kuunguza mafuta kwa haraka zaidi, pia ni vyema kusafisha kwanza tumbo ili upunguzapo uzito, pia mfumo wa mwili wako uwe safi.

Kwa wale wenye magonjwa ya kisukari, pressure, gout, ni vyema wakatumia ACV, na Baking Soda ili kuweza kujitibia wakiwa nyumbani. 

Chukua ACV vijiko vitatu, changanya na robo kijiko  cha baking soda, inapotokea reaction (povu) kunywa haraka, kwa wale wanaotumia kwa mara ya kwanza ni lazima uchanganye na maji kidogo ili kupunguza makali, na kutoushitua mwili. 

Ni vyema kutumia mara mbili kwa siku, asubuhi kabla ya kifungua kinywa na usiku kabla ya kulala. Nina hakika utapata usingizi mzuri sana mara utumiapo mchanganyiko huu!!

Baada  ya hapo waweza endelea na utaratibu wa kunywa maji.

Upatapo mabadiriko baada ya kutumia mchanganyiko huu, usisite kunipa taarifa kwa simu namba, 0754060350.

Viwanja vinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya block F/Plots for sale at Iwambi,Mbeyablock F

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Viwanja vinauzwa eneo la Iwambi block F. Iwambi ni mji mpya, ambao umejipanga vizuri. Nyumba zinazojengwa na kupangishwa eneo hili ni nyumba mpya. Eneo hili halizidi nyumba zaidi ya 15, Ni eneo lililopimwa, kwa maana kwamba viwanja vyote vina nyaraka.

Viwanja katika eneo hili vinauzwa kuanzia 8m, vya makazi, na viwanja vya barabani kwa ajili ya biashara vinauzwa bei juu kidogo 150m sq 2400. Viwanja vya barabarani, ni fursa nzuri kwa wafanya biashara.

Ninawashauri watu wenye moyo wa kuwekeza kwenye majengo, ni vyema kuwekeza katika mji huu mpya. kwani kodi ya nyumba nyingi si chini ya laki 400,000/= kwa mwezi. Mazingira yake ni mazuri, na kuna utulivu wa hali ya juu.

Kwa mawasiliano wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350.

Je wajua kama maua ni tiba ya maradhi mengi?/ Do you that, flowers is a treatments of many diseases?

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Je wafahamu faida za kiafya kupitia ua hili?? Watanzania lazima tubadirike kwa kujali afya zetu, kupitia tiba asili/mbadala.
Ua hili ni tiba ya maradhi mengi, na uvimbe wa aina nyingi sana.

Plot for sale at Iwambi,Mbeya/Kiwanja kinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya

Order Detail
Kiwanja chenye ukubwa wa sq 1,010, kinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya Tshs. 17m. mazungumzo yapo. ni kiwanja kizuri sana.

Kwa mawasiliano, 0754060350

Nyumba inapangishwa VETA,Mbeya/House for rent at VETA,Mbeya

Order Detail
Nyumba yenye vyumba vitatu vya kulala, sebule, jiko na chumba cha chakula self contained, inapangishwa VETA,Mbeya. Kodi yake ni Tshs. 400,000/= tu.

Kwa mawasiliano, 0754060350

Nyumba inauzwa Forest ya zamani,Mbeya/House for sale at old forest,Mbeya

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Nyumba inauzwa Forest ya zamani, jirani na chuo cha Mzumbe, 40m, mazungumzo yapo. Ni nyumba imara.

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350

Kiwanja kwa matumizi ya kituo cha mafuta kinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya/Plot for petrol station for sale at Iwambi,Mbeya

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Kiwanja kinachofaa matumizi ya Kituo cha mafuta kinauzwa Iwambi,Mbeya. Kina ukubwa wa sq 4600, bei yake 150m. 

Mazungumzo yapo. 

Kwa mawasiliano, wasiliana nasi kwa simu namba 0754060350
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